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Whether you use myself or not, please enlist the services of a good architect. A seasoned architect might cost a little more up front, but can more than pay for himself over the long haul. Construction cost overruns can add up quickly. Poor design and material specs can cost you dearly in terms of maintenance and resale value. A slow, confused construction process can mean missed opportunities to landlords.

I quote every project individually. You’ll find my rates very competitive, but not the lowest. Where you’ll see the real value I deliver is upon completion of your project. You’ll be able to look back… and feel good.

For residential jobs, I have two levels of service I can offer you. The first is a Basic Set of Contractor Drawings. The second option is a Custom Set of Detail Design Drawings. With the Basic Set, you work with your builder to choose things like your fireplace mantel design and flooring materials. He will probably give you a limited set of selections to choose from. With the Custom Set, you and I work together to come up with truly custom designs for mantels, staircases, cabinets, etc. It takes considerably more work on my part, but you have many more choices, and you reduce the risks associated with subcontractors just using their “judgement.”