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Costly Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Designing for today. Try to envision what’s in your long-term future and design to accommodate them now so you don’t have to pay excessive costs later. Are you going to want to work out of your house some day? How many children will you have? Are there health issues with family members that may impact your daily life?
  2. Getting your wires crossed. Technology is becoming a bigger part of everyone’s life everyday. What kind of wired connections do you need in your house to accommodate Internet use, gaming, entertainment and perhaps even e-commerce?
  3. Buying cheap windows. Energy costs continue to soar and good quality windows will significantly reduce your utility bills for years to come.
  4. Designing by committee. Everyone has an opinion, but too many opinions can confuse the process and cause you to lose focus on priority items. It can also cause multiple changes that drive design costs needlessly higher.
  5. Scrimping on the foundation. Insist on a 10” foundation on 12 O.C. in both directions for added strength. Also be sure your foundation has drain tile on both the inside and outside of the footing. It’s a very inexpensive and effective way to give your house additional protection against moisture.
  6. Raising ceilings without considering staircases. A 9’ ceiling is a cost-efficient way to creative the illusion of more space, but be careful – it adds two risers to your stair case. That means your stair case will consume more floor space that might crowd the lower landing and interfere with door swings and traffic flow.