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Site Considerations

  1. Avoid a flat site with little drainage, especially if a finished basement is desired. Sloped sites offer better drainage and more protection from water entering a basement.
  2. Avoid having large glassed-in areas facing North or Northeast due to cold Winter North winds.
  3. Avoid placing driveways on the North side of the house unless you enjoy the exercise you get from shoveling snow. Allow the sun to melt as much snow as possible.
  4. Take advantage of solar heating in winter where possible by placing glass and appropriate living space behind it.
  5. In summer, overhangs can shield the sun from intense heat that is undesirable. In general, orient the house with its long axis in an East-West direction to optimize nature’s ability for heating and cooling.
  6. Consider where future construction will take place when placing your windows. A good view of the lake today could turn into a good view of the newest strip mall.